History of the University


Years of history and education

The British University in Georgia was established by English Book Education in 2020. Founded in 2007, English Book Education combines book distribution, educational management, teaching, assessment and teacher training all in one place. Education and personal development packages combine the resources and expertise from world leading publishers (Macmillan Education, Pearson Education, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press) with a full understanding of the needs of the Georgian education system. EBE provides education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Science with a complete range of educational resources and solutions to meet their specific needs both now and with regard to any future developments within the field.

# 1. A diploma recognised by the University of Buckingham, UK.

Through an Agreement of Academic Affiliation, the British University in Georgia and the University of Buckingham have collaborated to develop undergraduate programmes in Business and Management and Political Science that are delivered in Georgia. The University of Buckingham fully recognises these degrees awarded by the British University in Georgia and issues a special diploma to graduates to confirm this. This means that our students will receive the same benefits and recognition as those students who study these degrees in the UK.

# 2 Affordability

The average annual cost of studying and living in the UK is at least £22,000. By contrast, at the British University in Georgia, you will get the equivalent level of education at a cost that is up to three times lower. Not only are tuition fees lower, but also living costs and entry requirements into Georgia are lower than going to the UK.

# 3 Scholarships

The British University in Georgia has created the Vazha-Pshavela Foundation. Through the Foundation, we offer exclusive and tailored scholarships to talented students who meet the criteria.

# 4 Mobility

Our partnership with the University of Buckingham offers our students an opportunity to spend some time in the UK or even to move to Buckingham to complete their studies there.

# 5 Faculty

Our academic staff consists of internationally recognised, experienced teachers, researchers, and practitioners.

# 6 Internships

In accordance with our vision, a student will receive practical experience through internships at our trusted partner organisations.

# 7 Environment and Infrastructure

All our facilities are new, modern, and fully orientated towards making the learning process a comfortable experience. As a student at our university, you will become part of a caring, respectful and inclusive community consisting of students, lecturers and support staff, all seeking mutual understanding alongside intellectual and personal growth.


γιγνώσκω οίδα σοφία (gignosko, oida, sofia)
Knowledge and experience lead to wisdom.



What make the British University in Georgia Special?

We believe, in accordance with the foundations of a classical education, that experience is of equal importance to theoretical knowledge. The design of our programmes and curricula, our selection criteria for teaching staff and the organisation of our classrooms all follow this principle.