Canvas At British University – The World’s Leading LMS Platform Enters Georgian Market

The world-renowned online learning platform, Canvas, is coming to Georgia. The British University is proud to be the first partner of Instructure’s platform in the country.
According to prof. Maia Gurgenidze, Rector of the British University in Georgia, “I am glad that the British University was given the opportunity to be the first partner of the Instructure company in Georgia and to implement the world’s leading platform in the teaching process. Canvas is a technologically advanced platform that will significantly improve the quality of teaching at the university. Our students and academic staff will have unlimited access to courses and resources through the platform. Additionally, Canvas will significantly enhance the quality of communication and feedback.
Our hope is that the integration of Canvas into the educational process will be a prerequisite for the success and progress of each student, and at the same time, it will be a valuable practice for other Georgian higher education institutions as well.”
Canvas is already used by leading universities worldwide, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, and Caltech.