Students Clubs

British University in Georgia offers various clubs to its students.

The Student Service Development and Alumni Relations Department of the British University in Georgia, helps guide students through their academic year. The department provides a number of services and activities, such as personal counselling, academic support, mentorship, etc.
One of the projects, created by the Students Services Department is a club project, which means that there are activities for those students, who want to develop or learn new skills and get even closer to their classmates after their classes. The clubs are completely free of charge and there is a wide variety of options from which the students can choose. Clubs were created with students’ interests in mind and we are always open to new suggestions.

Yoga Club

Students are guided by a professional yoga instructor and are taught how to meditate, relaxing their mind and body. This activity takes place in the university building.

Film Club

Film Club is a place for those who love watching films and discussing plots, characters and actors. It is also lead by a professional director, who knows a lot about the film industry and teaches students what they should pay attention to while watching a film and how to discuss appropriately what has been shown during the given 2 hours in the session.

Book Club

Book Club is for those who love reading, even writing, and are ready to talk about books non-stop! A British professor is on hand to provide recommendations and walk through each and every book we read together!

Football Club

The British University’s Football Club is a very enjoyable place to play football and have fun with classmates after a long day of classes and homework. Usually, students get to play on a pitch that especially reserved for our students every week. There are some football tournaments as well. And the prize is, of course, a football cup and medals, just like during the official championships in football.

Music Club

Music Club is for students, who enjoy listening or playing music and this is a great club to join. Every two weeks, students gather and go to a music school that has been also booked exclusively for our students, and where they are provided with any kind of instrument and knowledge they seek. Classes can also include not only tuition in playing a musical instrument, but also voice training as well!

Theatre Club

For students who have a passion for acting, then the British University’s Theatre Club is a perfect fit. Theatre Club is held almost every day in order to prepare well, ensuring an excellent performance.