Competition for Participating in the Meisei University Summer School

British University in Georgia is announcing a competition for Year 1 students of undergraduate programmes and attendees of the International Foundation Programme to participate in the Summer School of Meisei University. There are two available places for participation in the summer school. The period of implementation for the summer school is from 11th July 2023 to 10th August 2023.


Important dates:

  • 2nd March 2023 to 17th March, 2023: Submission of applications and relevant documentation by interested candidates in an electronic form to the address (in accordance with Appendix 1 and 2)
  • 20th March 2023 to 21st March 2023: Review of received applications and documents by the competition commission (first stage of the competition)
  • 22nd-23rd March 2023: Interview with the candidates selected in the first stage (second stage of the competition)
  • 24th March 2023: Presenting the list of the candidates selected by the competition commission
  • 28th March 2023: Appeal of competition results – acceptance of applications
  • No later than 5th April 2023: Approval of the final results of the competition


List of documents to be submitted:

a) Statement;

b) Resume in English;

c) Recommendation letter in English;

d) Cover letter in English;

e) Academic transcript issued by British Teaching University in Georgia LLC


This is a fantastic opportunity for the participants to enhance their education and gain valuable experience. We encourage all interested candidates to apply and wish everyone the best of luck in the competition.


See the Rector’s order (Georgian Version)

See Appendix 1 – List of documents and evaluation criteria for the competition announced for participation in the Meisei University Summer School

See Appendix 2 – Statement Form