International Relations Department

We understand that partnerships can provide exceptional opportunities for students to receive higher education, acquire the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for employment.

Levan Gurgenidze

Head of International Relations Department

Levan Gurgenidze is an Assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences of a British Teaching University in Georgia. He holds a BA in History and Politics and an MR in Politics from the University of Exeter. Levan’s dissertation was on the relationship between political stability and democratisation. He also completed an internship at the office of Congressman Erik Paulsen in the U.S. House of Representatives. Levan played a role in the establishment of the British University in Georgia.


The British University in Georgia strives to become a modern platform for raising future leaders and to contribute to the transformation of society by adapting the British academic model to the academic environment of Georgia.

Founded in 2007, English Book Education combines Higher Education, Primary and Secondary School Education, Language teaching and learning, professional and vocational education, book distribution, educational management, teaching, qualifications and assessments, and teacher training and professional development all in one place. 

Our education and personal development package combines the resources and expertise from world leading publishers (Macmillan Education, Pearson Education, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press) with a full understanding of the needs of the Georgian education system. We provide Education Institutions and the Ministry of Education and Science with a complete range of educational resources and solutions to meet their specific needs both now and with regards to any future developments within the field.

We feel that teachers and educational institutions need to know how to use various resources. Consequently, our approach is to supply teachers and educational institutions with complete support in the use of these materials by arranging teacher and professional development training sessions and ELT conferences, led by highly professional overseas teacher trainers. 

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