Maia Gurgenidze

Ph.D Academic Doctor of Philological Sciences
Ani Demetrashvili is a Head of Administration and Affiliated Assistant Professor for the MA programme in British Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the British University in Georgia. She graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, where she obtained her BA in English Philology. Ani then earned her MA degree in Education Administration from Ilia State University. Ani is currently a doctoral student in Education Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education at the International Black Sea University.

Ani Demetrashvili

Head of Administration

BA Political Science

BA Political Science Programme Title Political Science Qualification Awarded Bachelor of Political Science Programme Credit Weight and Duration: 240 ECTS

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BA Business and Management

Business and Management Programme Title Business and Management Qualification Awarded Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) Programme Credit Weight and Duration: 240

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