Strategic and Action Plans

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The British University in Georgia was founded in 2019 by English Book Education. The goal is to create an educational space focused on the education of future leaders in Georgia and to make the two universities contribute to the ongoing reforms in the higher education system of these two countries. Teaching and research in the newly established university will be international by adapting the research model to Georgia’s educational space and needs.

This strategy document represents the changes made in September 2022 to the 2020-2026 strategy. The strategic and action plan executed in 2020-2022 is available in an archived version. The British University in Georgia will be guided by the present strategy document and action plan for 2022-2025 from September 2022. It serves as a vision for the teaching university and its introduction to the broader public. All policy-defining documents in the university are based on this strategy.

Following this strategy, the British University plans to apply for the status change from a teaching university to the British University in Georgia for reauthorisation in 2026.