Submission of the first year students’ documents

Those enroled in the British University undergraduate programmes as a result of Unified National Examinations must submit applications from September 8 to 17, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,  2021 (excluding weekends).


Address: Tbilisi, Vepkhistkaosani Str. 92, Room 202


Documents to be submitted:

  1. Original or notarised copy of school certificate (or relevant certificate from an education institution). If the person has received a document certifying general education abroad, in addition, a document certifying the recognition of education received abroad issued by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement LEPL must be submitted;
  2. Proof of military registration (for males);
  3. Copy of identity document (in case of stateless persons – a copy of residence card);
  4. Photo (electronic version on CD)


If the entrant is underage, please come with a legal representative and have it with you:

In the case of a parent:

  1. Copy of parent’s identity document;
  2. Copy of the entrant’s birth certificate.


In case of a proxy:

  1. Copy of the identity document of the proxy;
  2. A document certifying the power of proxy.



The start date for freshmen is October 4, 2021.