The British University in Georgia has been granted authorisation

On December 7, 2020, by the decision of the Board of Authorisation of Higher Education Institutions of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the British University in Georgia was granted authorisation for a period of six years and joined the ranks of higher education with three English language programmes:

  • Business and Management (Bachelor)
  • Political Science (Bachelor)
  • British Studies (MA).


The British University in Georgia is grateful to its founding organisation English Book Education, which has implemented a number of projects over the many years of its existence in close collaboration with the UK education system. Every member of our team is delighted to extend the many years of successful work of our founding organisation in the field of higher education, and now as a university, we can contribute to improving the quality of higher education. Our team is aware of the responsibilities we have taken up on behalf of our community.


We are also grateful to our partner organisation the University of Buckingham for supporting us in the establishment and authorisation processes and for collaborating with us to ensure that our programmes are fully recognised by the University of Buckingham. In addition, the University of Buckingham will support the British University in Georgia in developing the quality of teaching and research and in the continuous development of academic and administrative staff and will contribute to the constant advancement of the University.


We are full of enthusiasm and ideas, confident that we will achieve all the goals we have set by working closely with our partners and various representatives of the academic field.


The British University in Georgia has already started its activities. We hope to achieve the results, which will be useful to Georgia’s academic environment. We welcome the involvement of all students in this process. Each of you has the opportunity to make a unique contribution to the development of our society.