Third Mission Statement

The British University in Georgia realises and recognises the contribution of the university’s purposeful and strategic work to development of society.

In particular, following the best practices, the university should contribute to the development of society, share with the community the knowledge accumulated in the institution and promote the implementation of the principle of lifelong learning.

Based on the local environment, best practices and resources of the British University in Georgia and the involvement of stakeholders, the University’s mission statement was formulated as follows:

The British University in Georgia commits to positively impacting local community development through research and data-driven advocacy and support tools in its third mission statement.

The third mission of the British University in Georgia reflects two priorities:

  • Targeted transfer of academic knowledge to the local environment, during which the university helps the local community to solve social and economic challenges;
  • University technology and innovation transfer through public-private partnerships.

The British University in Georgia is guided by the model described below in the development and evaluation of the action plan for the implementation of the third mission application in Georgia:

Activities of the Third Mission of the British University in Georgia:

  • relevant to the local community and economy;
  • is sustainable and future-oriented;
  • encourages cooperation and deepening of ties;
  • Based on research findings and data.