Venture Funding Project

Venture Funding Project

BUG venture funding program is a strategic initiative designed to provide financial support and resources to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs. BUG will also invite established companies, angel investors, or venture capital firms to offer funding. The primary goal is to help these fledgling businesses grow and succeed in the competitive market. 

This program offers more than just monetary support. BUG will provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to valuable resources such as office space, legal and financial advice, and marketing support. Additionally, this program will involve a structured process where startups pitch their ideas or products to potential investors, who then select the most promising ventures to support. 

Here are the components and activities of the program:

1. Financial Support:

Seed Funding: The winner of the Venture Funding Project will receive an initial investment to help the startup develop its product or service.

Series Funding: BUG will help the winner to work with potential investors and organize series funding.

2. Mentorship and Guidance:

Experienced Advisors: During the competition, the participants will have access to experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and successful business leaders who provide mentorship and advice.

One-on-One Coaching: Participants will have personalized coaching sessions to address specific challenges faced by the startup.

3. Networking Opportunities:

Investor Connections: Participants will meet with potential investors, including angel investors and venture capitalists.

Partnerships: Facilitation of partnerships with established companies that can provide distribution channels or strategic alliances.

4. Educational Programs:

Workshops and Seminars: Training sessions on various aspects of business development, marketing, finance, and technology.

5. Resources:

Office Space: Access to co-working spaces or office facilities, which can help reduce overhead costs for startups.

Legal and Accounting Services: Assistance with legal compliance, contracts, and financial management.

Technical Support: Access to technical expertise, software tools, and platforms.

6. Visibility and Promotion:

Demo Days: Events where startups pitch their ideas/products to a curated audience of investors, media, and potential partners.

Publicity: PR and media support to increase the startup’s visibility in the market.

7. Post-Investment Support:

Follow-up Investments: Assistance in securing additional funding rounds as the startup grows.

Scaling Support: Guidance on scaling operations, hiring, and expanding market reach.

8. Community Engagement:

Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences.

Alumni Network: Inclusion in a network of program graduates, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

9. Evaluation and Feedback:

Regular Progress Reviews: Periodic reviews of the startup’s progress and milestones.

Constructive Feedback: Feedback sessions to help startups refine their strategies and improve their products/services.

Program timeline

1 September – 20 December 2024: Registration;

10 January 2025: Selecting participants/groups/projects;

27 January 2025: Discovery meeting among participants;

February – March 2025: Groups work on projects;

April 2025: Organizing the first conference at the University of Buckingham (or online);

April-May 2025: Students continue working on projects;

June 2025: Conference and Award Ceremony 

For more information, please contact Levan Gurgenidze at