Visit of Authorisation Experts to the British University in Georgia

A group of authorisation experts visited the British University in Georgia on September 22-23, 2020.


The university was assessed according to all seven standards of authorisation. The experts were provided with all the necessary documentation, they were introduced to the purpose, mission and values of the university by the representatives of the educational institution. During the meetings with a group of experts, each unit spoke about both their functions and their role in the context of achieving the goals of the university.


One of the strong points of the institution was the competent and motivated academic and administrative staff of the university as a result of the initial feedback from the group of experts. Our team is proud and plans to provide extensive information about the goals, mission, vision and values ​​of the British University in Georgia through various activities.


It is noteworthy that the university was able to gain the trust of the University of Buckingham before obtaining the authorisation. After the authorisation will carry out educational activities in partnership with the University of Buckingham, within the framework of the academic affiliation agreement concluded between the parties. The agreement provides the validation mechanism of a diploma issued by the British University in Georgia by the University of Buckingham. The validation process includes systematic monitoring and support of our teaching and management process by the University of Buckingham. It is accomplished by the issuance of the relevant document by the University of Buckingham for each student, which confirms the compliance of the education received with us with the requirements of the University of Buckingham.


Our team understands the essence of the trust expressed by the University of Buckingham and its progressive importance for the consistent development of the university and aims to ensure the adaptation of the British academic model to the Georgian academic environment as part of its mission.