What does the validation by the University of Buckingham mean?

Validation by the University of Buckingham means that a diploma issued by the British University in Georgia is recognised as being equivalent to a BA degree issued by the University of Buckingham. 


Validation is a comprehensive process consisting of several steps: 

  1. The University of Buckingham assessed our facilities and confirmed that they correspond to modern teaching requirements and philosophy. For example, they enable teaching through tutorials in small groups.   
  2. The University of Buckingham systematically assesses our academic programmes and modules. In fact, our programmes are based on similar programmes offered by the University of Buckingham. We have adapted them to meet Georgian legal requirements.
  3. The University of Buckingham also monitors the quality of teaching. Designated external examiners review all student assessments made by our lecturers before those assessments receive final approval from the Exam Board. 
  4. The University of Buckingham is involved in recruiting and training the academic team, as well as supporting local staff by means of visiting professors, who work in Georgia to support our high-quality teaching process. 


The successful validation of our diploma has been confirmed with a Diploma Recognition Certificate issued by the University of Buckingham. This guarantees that our diploma is equivalent to the corresponding British higher education qualification and has the same legal consequences. It further confirms that the quality of education received at the British University in Georgia is equivalent to that which would be received in a British Higher Education Institution.