Why the British University in Georgia

The British University in Georgia aims to deliver an exceptional teaching experience, to support and raise future leaders and make lasting contributions to society. 


In order to carry our goals, the British University in Georgia has worked very closely with the University of Buckingham to deliver the following programmes:   


BA Programmes:

  • Business and Management
  • Political Science 


MA Programme:

  • British Studies


Key reasons why to choose the British University in Georgia: 

  1. Partnership with the University of Buckingham. Our partnership with the University of Buckingham considers for the education we provide to be fully recognised by the University of Buckingham, paving the way for our alumni to receive all the benefits of a British education.
  2. Academics. Our programmes are carried out by professionals and a highly experienced academic team, with a long background of successful results.
  3. Affordability. The total average costof studying and living in the UK is estimated to be at least £22,200. By contrast, at the British University in Georgia, you will get the same level of education with a cost that is up to three times lower.
  4. Scholarships. The British University in Georgia supports academically strong students. When you qualify for a scholarship, we create an individualised package for every student. 
  5. Exchange programmes. Our partnership with the University of Buckingham gives our students an opportunity to spend time at our partner universities.
  6. Internships. You will also receive the possibility of winning internship positions at our trusted partner organisations.
  7. Environment and infrastructure. All our facilities and equipment at the British University in Georgia are fully oriented towards making the learning process a comfortable and competitively modern one.


We welcome all students. No matter your background, you’ll contribute something unique to our community and benefit from the diverse environment around you.


As our students engage deeply with professors and peers, they become a part of a community built on inclusion, respect, and understanding. By interacting with people who broaden your worldview, you will develop your own personal identity within the communities that surround and support you.